Monthly Archives: March 2009

what else can we add to location…

how about orientation 😉

There’s some interesting ideas in our R&D pipeline.

For example look at this – a Ricoh camera that has a GPS and a 3 axis compass. Guess what – so does one phone available today (the Android G1) – and in all likelihood so will the Iphone 3.0.

stay tuned for how you can use this in a very cool way.


LBS – and one of these ;)

I happen to know one of the founders of this company

Cool guy – but more to the point – they have a phenomenal product – think of everything any accelerometer based device can do (that means Iphone, G1 phone, Nintendo Wii and so on) – and multiply it by 1000.

Super precise – six axis magnetic sensors. Look at the video – and think about what you could make.

If it doesn’t make sense to you – it will – in about 10 or so blog posts.


so now I am approximaly 5% more web 2.0 than this morning when I woke up.

This is my first blog.

Back in the day we called them websites and they were all edited by hand.

Welcome to the echoecho blog – where we can talk about all manner of location related technology (with a not too thinly veiled connection to a piece of mobile phone software called….drum roll…EchoEcho.

Public Beta April 1st. Yes I know. April 1st it is.