and while we’re at it…

what about viral spreading of apps on phones.
I do not understand why this isn’t used more often.

A couple of different ways this can be done – but all of them involve leveraging the existing contacts/address book in the phone. In other words if you download an app that you like you can then recommend it to your friends. You shouldn’t have to phone them, email them or text them to do this – it should be easily done – directly from the app.

  1. Invite – you click on one – or a few – names in your address book and all of them are sent an SMS with a link – following the link then directly installs the app (see next blog post)
  2. Over-The-Air Sideload – where you can actually send a full payload of app as an MMS or equivalent to another number

Clearly we are assuming a certain level of smartphone and a suitable data plan in most instances – but that assumption is getting safer and safer with every passing month.

There are a few varieties on the methods outlined above – some of them have been tried in the past (e.g. by Jaiku or Loopt) but in general it just seems like it is not done very often.

With EchoEcho – it forms one key aspect of the functionality. If you Echo someone who is already on EchoEcho then they get an Echo – but if they are not on EchoEcho they get an invite link – which installs the app on their phone within one or two clicks and then they get an Echo.


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