you learn something new every day.

some people have asked why there was such a long delay between the previous two posts – well let’s just that the development cycle on non-iphone platforms is errm just a little teensy weensy bit more convoluted than on the iphone.

I could give you a few examples – but I’m only going to need one.


Leaving aside the absurdity that users must give any individual 3rd party blackberry application explicit permission to do absolutely anything (e.g. make an http connection)

How very friendly for users 😉

Yeah no.

There’s a far more absurd problem. As the following article indicates much better than I could summarise there are SEVEN possible methods a BlackBerry can establish a data connection. Yes. Seven. And instead of the O/S cleverly deciding whether to use wifi (if there’s one nearby) or the cell data service, or MDS (the blackberry M…obile D..ata S…ervice) etc etc – like every other platform on the fucking planet (desktop or mobile) – with a BlackBerry the developer must decide this.

This is beyond moronic – but is unfortunately necessary if one wants to participate on the BlackBerry platform.

Here’s the article – Localytics btw are quite cool and we use them on all the platforms we are able to…

The thing is I really couldn’t care less why this was originally designed this way (back in the days when flat rate data only existed for Blackberry Enterprise users) – the fact is that it’s an outdated system which could clearly be replaced by a single API call – with the O/S itself figuring out the best/fastest/cheapest pathway to use.

oh and btw – Merry Christmas.


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