official launch day press release

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echoecho – the smart and fast way to find your friends
Los Angeles, California – January 19th 2010

Purpose Wireless today announced echoecho – the first free, permission-based, location sharing solution available worldwide on iPhone, Android, Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. With echoecho smartphone owners can ask and answer the question “where are you” in one simple click.

Whether you are travelling, meeting friends around town or trying to determine whether your date will be on time for dinner – echoecho helps you find your friends and family – without repeatedly texting or calling.

“I was sick of spending 20 minutes signing up for a new location based social network only to discover hardly any of my friends were on it”, states Nick Bicanic, CEO of Purpose Wireless, “I already have a social network in my phone that all my friends are on. It’s called my phonebook.”

With echoecho there are no profiles to fill out and no social networks to join. Just browse to, install the application and begin finding friends in your address book – simply by sending them an echo.

“echoecho is like SMS for locations,” says Arben Kryeziu – CEO of technology startup Bump Networks and one of the early beta testers, “But the coolest thing is that it’s permission-based, so my location is only shared when and with whom I choose it to be. I don’t mind if all 3000 of my Facebook friends know what I ate for breakfast – but I don’t want them all to know where I am at every moment.”

With an open API, echoecho is designed to easily connect into 3rd party systems – allowing mobile phone manufacturers, developers of online social networks, portable games and other applications to quickly add a location-sharing component. Purpose Wireless is already working with several partners to incorporate echoecho into specialized solutions for workplace management and the security industry.

Headquartered in Canada with offices in the US and Europe Purpose Wireless was founded by entrepreneurs Nick Bicanic, Remy Kozak, Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar and Davor Dubokovic in 2008. This team has 80 years of collective experience in telecom and interactive user application development.


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