preaching to the choir…

or perhaps it would better to call this – is there any there there?

I found two interesting stories online that both speak to the ways in which current location based services satisfy the needs of comparatively few people.

Firstly – established blogger Andrew Hyde on why he recently quit using ALL check-in based location services for privacy reasons

Secondly – the blockchalk guys talk about attitudes to privacy and sharing inside and outside their bubble

There are many reasons why our current users love echoecho – but these articles indirectly highlight some of them – because it’s all very well having an all singing-all dancing social network but if it only seems to work well historically (i.e. it shows friends where you’ve been and what you’ve done) but it has privacy issues and it’s not so good at actually finding where your friends ARE right now…then surprise surprise…the network can easily end up being an invasion of privacy – in addition to failing to answer the basic question – “Where is my friend now?”


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