just when you thought RIM was a safe platform…

well ok fine – it was never that safe – see our post about RIM annoyances here – we finally discovered why a some users were complaning about using echoecho on North American CDMA networks.

It’s because in their infinite wisdom – many of these networks disable 3rd party application GPS access.

Yes. You read that correctly.

Verizon (and Sprint, Bell, Telus) don’t want anyone (other than themselves) being able to access the location of a users handset. This idea is so exceptionally boneheaded – the only thing that’s more surprising about this than the fact that it exists – is the fact that it’s not RIM’s fault.

This is clearly an operator level decision – since GSM blackberries appear to function fine.

So in case anyone is wondering why there is a shortage of location based solutions developed for RIM platforms in North America – here’s your answer.

(please note – there are some modern CDMA blackberries where this functionality has been reactivated but even as recently as february 8th 2010 – official Verizon reps have posted that they are trying to figure out how to monetise their location API

HELLO!!! – Verizon – it’s not 2001 – do you guys understand what Android/Iphone devices can do?

Frustrating – especially because it’s the worst kind of walled-garden, overprotective backward thinking I have seen on a modern smartphone platform (of course many may argue that CDMA as a whole fits that category – but that’s another debate)

There are (as ever) some blogosphere hacks around this issue – but having not tried them I cannot endorse any of them. (here’s one)

As for echeocho – we are of course developing a workaround – but due to the CDMA network’s restrictive behaviour – the positional accuracy will not be as high as other blackberry devices.


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