LBS – beyond early adopters…

In a recent post on RWW (original post) Jason Finkelstein (Wavemarket) touches on a very valid argument about moving beyond the check-in LBS models.

Although he pushes the particular argument towards carrier-assisted location services (no surprise there since this is one of the core strengths of his company – as it happens it’s a very tough model to scale – but that’s a subject for another discussion) regular readers of this blog will know that I agree with the basic principle.

Until location services are actually usable (and useful) by people outside of the SXSW fanboys then for all the growth and blog traffic they generate – their overall impact will be small.

There’s another article peripherally connected to the subject by the NYT here – but it’s interesting how easily a technology journalist can misinterpret basic service functionality while simultaneously trying to explain it simply.

To paraphrase….”Foursquare came in handy for Jordan when she came into a bar and could not find anyone she knew.”

Hmmm…lemme see how this would play out in the real world. Here is that LBS interaction – in words.

“Hey – I’m HERE !!!! Anybody want to hang out…anybody. ok now I’m HERE !!!!!”

Is this just me – or is this a bass-ackward way to approach a problem. As I said before – if the issue is finding your friends/colleagues/family (as many agree is the case) then let’s make tools that accomplish this correctly.

Otherwise it’s like trying to have a meaningful conversation with someone via an RSS feed (or slightly more laterally – like driving forwards while looking in the rear view mirror wondering where your friends are ;))


One response to “LBS – beyond early adopters…

  1. thanks for the shout out. for reference, you can follow Jason Finkelstein of WaveMarket on Twitter:

    also, you can download the SXSW presentation “LBS 101” here:

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