new iphone version (1.5)

other platforms are rolling out over the coming week.
a lot of the changes are under-the-hood tweaks you won’t see (speeded up login, minor bug fixes).

However there are two features you will notice.

  1. The map pushpins for your friends are now clickable.
    What this means is…errrm…you can click on them 😉 – to very quickly call and text your friends from within the echoecho application.
    echoecho - new map view

    echoecho - new map view

  2. You may have noticed a new requirement when you first installed echoecho – asking for an additional piece of information – Your Name
    echoecho - new map view
    This is due to the idiosyncracies of iphone. On any other phone platform when you send an echo to somebody that doesn’t have echoecho – the invite SMS will come from you (Assuming you are in that person’s address book they are more likely to respond). However on the iphone that is not the case. Apple doesn’t allow third party applications to send background SMS messages.

And there you have it. 1.5 builds on all other platforms will follow shortly – then when everything is inline we can go straight into 2.0 (which we’ve been planning continuously)


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