new nokia version (1.5)

the new release of symbian echoecho (version 1.5) is now out. Ovi store to follow suit (for some reason there’s a weird problem on the E66, E72 and E75 – but all other devices work fine).

It’s faster, more stable (ahem ;)) and has a more accurate location.

We use skyhook for the symbian version of echoecho and in case and of y’all out there are developers using skyhook…you’d think that a single API call would automatically take care of GPS and cellid/wifi.
No such luck.

If cellid/wifi fails (errm….because you’re outside of skyhook coverage – i.e. most of eastern europe, africa and a lot of asia/former soviet republics) then skyhook returns latitude=0, longitude=0 – not so good…unless you’re swimming about 1000 miles off the coast of Equatorial Guinea.

So what you need to do is separately code your own GPS logic – so you can fallback to the GPS if skyhook fails. A bit annoying – but totally doable.

Most of the new changes were under-the-hood tweaks. The one you will likely notice is that pushed notifications – i.e. echo flash messages – no longer disappear.

echo flash nokia

This is necessary because if you don’t hear the echo notification (because the phone is in your pocket etc) then you’ll want to know that there is a new message waiting for you.

It would be nice if this could be handled like a new SMS message (with a mini-icon) but such fancy things are not allowed in S60.

Enjoy the latest build…


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