new blackberry version (1.5)

ok so it was only a matter of time until we figured out the blackberry version also. lots of stability improvements and a totally overhauled notification engine are the key new features here – check out the screenshots below.

it turns out the biggest problem with blackberry is the location finding of the device. As I have blogged about in the past the way the carrier deals that RIM has made allow the carriers to disable GPS access for 3rd party developer is really not developer friendly.

In the end – we owe thanks to Navizon for helping us lock down this part of the functionality correctly.

Without further ado – here are some screenshots and descriptions – firstly – the normal blackberry screen you all know and love with the echoecho icon.

normal screen

So now let’s suppose that Richard Feynman sends you an echo (yes I know he’s dead – but just work with me here). You’d see something like this:

regular echo flash

Good ol’ echo flash. Of course if you’re on a more modern berry – say a 9700 – it would look more like this:

9700 echo

This is where it gets interesting. If you don’t happen to see/hear your echo flash – you still need figure out that someone’s trying to get a hold of you.

so we made a cute custom badged icon (inspired by iphone functionality) that looks like this an older model BlackBerry (e.g. an 8820)

post-flash notification

So if you see this symbol you know somebody is trying to get a hold of you. Unfortunately the notification tray area (what I call the mini-icons) is not accesible to anyone other than RIM in older versions of the BlackBerry O/S – but on a more modern phone echoecho will do this to notify you:

post-flash 9700

Notice you get the badged icon and a cute mini-icon. (the mini-icon is visible on all the BlackBerry screens including the home screen)

(on older model BlackBerries we recommend you move the echoecho icon to the top of your home screen so you can always easily see if somebody sent you an echo)

of course – as with iphone – on all of these notifications – once you launch echoecho – the badged icon and the mini-icon will disappear (until such time as you receive more echoes….etc etc)

login screen

There you go. Lots of other under the hood fixes for speed, accuracy and stability…enjoy sending echoes.

(if you want – you can find the latest echoecho on BlackBerry App World – but it works just as well to simply open your mobile phone browser to


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