Unintentional endorsement of our business model in GigaOM…

written by Remy Kozak

I just read a good synthesis of the recent GigaOM Bunker Series that outlines many of the immediate challenges facing Location for mobile. In this case, the author Colin Gibbs looks beyond “thorny privacy concerns and the technical shortcomings of GPS and other positioning technologies” and more at the massive immediate opportunities.

The article, which succeeds in looking beyond the immediate hype, is the most ringing endorsement of the echoecho business model I have seen in some time. All the new location applications that “enable users to instantly form communities based on location” will need a solid, privacy and security-centric platform over which to deploy. No one wants to develop locations for 5+ smartphone platforms – not to mention all the feature phone platforms – as part of every new game or social application.  And everyone will want maximum interoperability between platforms. This is just as true for those Vertical Markets Colin mentions.

Well that is exactly what we have built and continue to expand upon with echoecho.

The reference to Augmented Reality (AR) as a next step is one we totally agree with as well. Look for it in the not too distant future.

And location accuracy is something we have taken up as a major focus for 2010. We will improve accuracy on each platform (and with CDMA etc.) with each new release throughout the year.

There are loads of great minds thinking about the application of location to our lives and our work. We want to ensure they do not get stuck in the drudgery of accessing chipsets, dealing with multiple OS versions, maintaining privacy and ensuring security.  The end results should be more exciting than any of us can imagine right now.


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