RIM annouces O/S 6 ;) – yeah ok…so ??

Yes I know I have whined about RIM before but I read a few articles about the new O/S 6.0 announcement e.g. this one and I can’t help but wonder if somebody at RIM just didn’t get the memo.

Which memo?

That’d be the one where the major way to drive users to your platform is to give them stuff they want – namely lots of apps….and the way to get apps…is to make it easy for developers like ourselves to make these apps.

Where’s the redesign of the access to the wi-fi card so that location detection indoors can be accomplished faster and more accurately?

Where’s the announcement about a Location API so developers don’t have to cobble together solutions from various suppliers?

Where are the features many developers might want including mapping elements we can include in our code – so we don’t all have to develop this stuff from scratch.

Yeah…thought so…

Unfortunately RIM seems to think that the most valuable software developer for BlackBerry software is still….RIM.

Here’s hoping these specs might change by the actual release date…


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