updated nokia stuff…

a good article about the future of nokia.

Granted it’s not written from within but it does address some of the concerns I raised in my previous post about nokia.

Nokia’s got to grow the app side fast – get the developers back onto symbian. And certainly looking backwards is not a way to do it.

There are some excellent assets in Nokia (especially in the LBS space) – not just in terms of products (Navteq, Dopplr, MetaCarta, Gate5 etc) but also people…it’s just a question of filling in the blanks that are missing and coordinating the consumer efforts.

As I said a couple of times – when you’re a developer (or work closely in the industry) it’s tempting to discriminate amongst platforms using preconceived notions of users and their preference.

But it seems that as soon as you move outside of early adopters those distinctions disappear.

Users appreciate touch screen apps with nice icon and pinch zoom (on images and maps), facebook, email and making calls and a decent camera for sharing images…

but beyond that – who knows?

Apple’s biggest trick with the iphone was getting those basics to be SPOT-on…

when it first came out – it was very cutting edge in an industry that allowed itself to become stagnant (RIM is doing too little too late…as for windows mobile – we’ll see with series 7 – but I don’t know if anyone believes it anymore)…but it’s not so cutting edge anymore.

it might be time for the pendulum to swing back to Finland 😉


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