I went to the RWW mobile summit and all I got was an iPad ;)

actually – I got a whole lot more than that. The RWW mobile summit unconference on May 7th in Mountain View was the first unconference I had ever been to – and it was a lot of fun.

First and foremost let me thank Richard MacManus, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Frederic Lardinois and the rest of the RWW team. They have been supportive of echoecho from the beginning – and they invited me to participate in the unconference.

Chris Cameron – one of the RWW bloggers (that dabbles as a photographer) snapped a picture of me (finally grabbing the mic) towards the end of the day.

me at RWW summit

Actually I quite enjoyed the unconference format – it was a sort of structured brainstorming session – at the beginning of the day whoever felt inspired could declare a topic and therefore chair a session…mine was entitled “BEYOND CHECK-IN – location sharing that’s usable by real people”.

Declaring a topic meant writing down your topic name on a piece of card – like this

my topic at RWW event

and then attaching your card to the schedule on the wall that looked like this.

schedule - RWW event

This filled up pretty fast – so I got one of the final slots before lunch.
I didn’t really count – but something like 20-30 people turned up to my session – which was pretty good turnout given that there was all of what – 150 odd people at the event.

The unconference format really lends itself to open discussion – even though technically speaking many people run sessions closely connected to their entrepreneurial activities (hence my topic) – the rule is you cannot spend more than 10 minutes talking about your own company or product.

We had a lively debate about the usual issues of privacy, permission, preference. (although we kinda grouped at least 2 of them under UX – which two…ah now that would be dependent on who’s discussing stuff 😉

I got to meet and talk with some interesting people also. This list is by no means exhaustive but kudos to

Justin Maxwell and Justin Vandehey (from Mint/Intuit) for providing some sideways thinking and for recognising another my work in a very very different area

Sarah Allen – who created a bunch of shit hot software (over the years) – and also decided to give me a bottle of wine (unconference tradition apparently involves a gift giving ceremony at the end of the sessions – where anyone is free to give gifts to anyone they feel deserves them…until the gifts run out that is…)

Phil Hendrix – a researcher/blogger who writes about location based services for GigaOm amongst others…Phil attended my session and it turns out had heard of echoecho before (and mentioned it in one of this reports…cool)

Kaliya Hamlin – Kaliya essentially ran the unconference – she’s one of the people at the vanguard of this type of movement – in fact in my picture above – Kaliya is standing next to me. Cool lady – she also ran an interesting session on Location based service privacy for women…

Mick Johnson – ah yes…stalqer…Mick was a cool guy. I talked to him briefly at the beginning of the day – but then he really came alive when he held is own against Violet Blue – who actually had been repeatedly stalked…good man 😉
As it happens I take some issue with how the service behaves – but Mick’s a smart guy – they’ll figure something out.

Lemme see – who else – well Ted Morgan – CEO of skyhook we already mentioned.

There were a few others – apologies if you are not listed here. btw – there’s a good summary of the whole event here (keynote+photo highlights)

oh – almost forgot – Dinesh Ravishanker – ran an IVR contest to win an iPad…and I won one…funny shit – thanks Dinesh.
I still think it’s an oversized ipod touch – but I suppose it’s fun to use on airplanes…


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