changes in latitudes…changes in attitudes…

I guess I date myself by referencing Jimmy Buffett – but it’s suitable since I’m writing about Latitude (again).

I read Josh Kopelman’s post on his RedEye VC blog – which curiously has gotten quoted in quite a few places (RWW twice no less – for example)

Leaving aside the issue of the bulletpoints of stuff that josh suggests (not that there’s anything wrong in particular with those ideas – just that the key ones are straight off of google’s own list ;)) – it’s interesting to consider the comments by SimpleGeo.

This is Matt Galligan’s (simplegeo CEO) post on the subject on the SimpleGeo blog

I agree with Matt that there are some reasons to be concerned about google owning all of the location data in the cloud – and as readers of the echoecho blog have already seen – Matt and I both make the same connection to FireEagle.

I am curious however about the Google Places API and the impact this might have on SimpleGeo’s bottom line (something that might well worry Josh Kopelman – since SimpleGeo is in the First Round Capital portfolio)

Matt says it’s no big deal – and quickly points out that there are other things SimpleGeo does besides funky reverse Geocoding with a list of POIs…hmmm (don’t at least some of those other things belong to SkyHook – kinda/sorta)

Anyway I’ve responded to Josh on his blog – because the devil here is most definitely in the details…the exact manner by which permissions are handled is something that it seems tempting to ignore…but with echoecho it’s precisely the complete absence of all settings and privacy preferences – yet simultaneously complete privacy and sense of control – that our users get excited about.

It’ll be an interesting few months.


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