did a bit of reading on windows phone series 7 development…

namely the way in which they would implement push notification

it’s all fairly sensible stuff – not unlike google’s implementation of Cloud to Device messaging I discussed previously…but there was one thing that really surprised me.

Microsoft has decided not to allow background running applications.

Yes. You read that correctly.
No 3rd party background apps allowed – so they are using the old iphone model.

Here’s the quote from that first link up top –

The WP application model doesn’t allow you to write code that will run in the background while another application occupies the foreground (in other words, it does not allow 3rd party multitasking).

Well ok – it’s no biggie for echoecho – we’re happy to use push notification as and when we can – in the case of WP we’ll need to use a combination of Raw and Tile notifications to optimise the user experience – but it just seems like an odd step backwards for Microsoft – when they find themselves in a situation where everything should be about stepping forwards…


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