future = cheaper smartphones or more expensive featurephones?

or will they all become one and the same.

According to what Orange says in this article at The Register the answer is perhaps a bit of both.

If the numbers are honest – then Orange anticipates over 50% of its portfolio will be smartphones (and by smartphones I think we can safely assume a phone with internet browser and some form of app market).

All this is very cool for LBS and in fact for mobile developers of all sorts – but what will happen to data plans. For all this new-fangled app stuff to spread everywhere we need everyone with a smartphone and with a data pipe. If unlimited data pipes are still cost prohibitive then progress will be slowed.

It feels almost like the days of Free-dial-up ISPs which some UK users will remember. Perhaps we need some enterprising new network to offer free-prepaid 3G data if you are always watching ads…

ok I’ve linked to the Register now for a change – you happy?


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