back in NYC again – where it all started (RWW realtime summit)

Thanks to Richard, Marshall, Frederic and the rest of the RWW guys for inviting echoecho and me to the summit

The format wasn’t as unfamiliar to me as before – having been invited to the RWW mobile summit a few weeks prior – however familiarity did not make the process less interesting. (although I have to say the acoustics in the NYC location blew chunks in comparison to what we had in Mountain View).

Anyway – here’s a quick look at the topic board:

topic board

Since the theme was Real-time web not surprisingly the topic I hosted (or convened to use an un-conference slightly PC term) was about the Real-time-where…echoecho being about – you know – locations.

my panel

As you can see from the overall board it was originally scheduled in room B – but was moved to room D – evidently our discussions were deemed more interesting for the Justin TV audience. Here’s a link to the recorded discussion – only problem is that the microphones were crappy so you can barely hear it.

Needless to say issues with privacy and permissions (by themselves more pronounced with location – above all other things) are multiplied tenfold when you consider the trend to real-time sharing of information.
There was ample ground here for a fertile discussion – particularly around the particular unique aspects of echoecho’s friendly and intrinsically private location sharing.

I enjoyed all the other panels I attended – but particular standout ones were Mike Rose‘s (of TUAW fame ;)) on truth and the realtime web – i.e. what happens when false information can spread as quickly as real information, and Nitya Narasimhan‘s panel on interactivity and the real-time web – on broadcast television… (yes I know…it still exists apparently ;))

Of course – the speedgeeking itself was a whirlwind. A surprisingly dynamic 1 hour (5 minute demos to continuously rotating groups) – in 5 minutes you don’t have as much time as you think but you have more time than you need…this seems like a good summary.

I thought it was quite cool – I had a few demo slides running in the background (there’s only so many heads that can fit around a mobile phone screen) – here’s a sample

where are you?

I’ll put more of these up shortly – in general people were extremely impressed with the ease of use (many couldn’t believe the app ran on five platforms – windows mobile not shown on the slide – yet was free to download). Lots of interesting initial discussions – (and I didn’t even show anyone the 1.6 and 1.7 stuff that’s coming out… ;))

Other than all that of course – I met a whole bunch of interesting people – seems that my linked in network is getting ever stronger….but then that’s the whole point of these things…network, talk, have ideas, build stuff, change stuff (repeat ad infinitum)

Oh and – if you ever start seeing twitter streams in TV shows – during the commercial breaks…yeah I’m going to claim that idea right here 😉


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