RWW shouts out echoecho…once more

Marshall wrote another solid post outlining the some of the virtues and many of the pitfalls of checking-in – he was nice enough to namecheck echoecho in the first few paragraphs.

As is often the case with RWW – the conversation in the comments is definitely worth reading. I agree with @nitya – that often check-in is analogous to a dog peeing on a lamppost to mark their territory.

Unless we turn into a nation of canines – clearly this kind of system won’t see much use outside of early adopters. Sure the userbase will grow at an alarming rate as many people “try ” the newest toy on the block – but how many will actually use it regularly?

As I alluded to in my comments on the RWW site – it’s worth pointing that although echoecho is about a one-to-one location sharing relationship…as well as being extremely easy to use (both of which Marshall kindly pointed out) – it’s also very much about asking where your friends ARE – as opposed to wondering where your friends were…

so for example – when Marshall’s wife thought (as he says in the post)

“I was wondering where you went.”

with echoecho – she wouldn’t have to wonder – she’d just send an echo…one click and a few seconds later – she’d be able to know where he is…

stay tuned for 1.6 and 1.7 builds of echoecho on android/iphone/symbian/blackberry rolling out over the next week…I’ll be blogging stuff here (with screenshots) and in a couple of other places…


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