Geo-loco down in San Francisco…

not quite like the Four Tops sang it – but GeoLoco went quite well.

It was an all day affair of speaking/networking/demoing. Remy and I both attended (which is a first for these types of things).

Remy @ geoloco

Remy’s holding the iPad we used for demoing screenshots of new functionality. As it happened (and as I recently blogged about) echoecho was selected as one of the demo companies for GeoLoco – part of the prize (in addition to 2 free tickets) was a demo table – hmmm….well…said demo tables were downstairs in a location where all the food and the auditorium and therefore ALL the people…were upstairs.

Not much point in demoing to nobody – is there.

So within 20 minutes we abandoned the demo table and decide to just mingle around using the iPad as a mobile demo unit.

Special thanks of course go to @vicchi – who was at his first public outing since his Nokia reincarnation and was critical in helping us come to GeoLoco in the first place 😉

Gary’s the dude on the right of the picture – this was his panel.

gary's panel - geoloco

If anyone’s curious – I didn’t have a digital camera with me so I used Hipstamatic on the iphone 3Gs. More than passable results.

overall the panels were surprisingly humdrum – with the branding panel being downright boring (watching the twitter feed during the branding panel was the only flurry of activity in the entire room as the audience members practically competed for the funniest way to trash talk the panelists)

ok – so version 1.6 and 1.7 (on some platforms) of echoecho due out this week. Screenshots and announcements coming soon…


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