android – new features – version 1.6…

we have done stacks of work to the android build of echoecho. stacks

Android (as a platform) is somewhat fragmented (some devices out there are running 1.5/1.6 versions of the android operating system, others are on 2.1 or even 2.2 – and many manufacturers write custom shells that interfere with code etc etc…). So we had to test as many as we could – while developing all the cool new features.

First and foremost we are fully supporting high resolution screens (like that of the now defunct Nexus One) – all the screenshots shown here are from my Nexus One.

Here’s the very cool (and well known to all you echoecho android users) incoming echo notification screen in full high definition glory:

regular echo flash

I was at GeoLoco recently and I demoed the app to a lot of people there – as soon as they see this screen they instantly understand the simplicity and the speed of echoecho.

But…we’re talking about new features here – so let’s check out the inbox first.

autoReply select

This is what you see when you click the autoReply star in the inbox.
If you read the previous blog entry (about BlackBerry) you’ll know this already but for the lazy ones – The whole idea here is that we want to make autoReply configuration as easy as possible. You can easily turn it on and off – and of course it’s off by default. (the orange star indicates which contacts have autoReply turned on). So let’s suppose you turn it on:

autoReply star inbox

This is not a stealth tracking feature – it’s simply a way of making it even easier to respond to your friends’ echoes – because if selected for your particular friend – your device will automatically reply to an incoming echo from that friend.

While you can of course see any newly paired echoes in the inbox – with autoReply you will be additionally notified of any queries even when your phone is responding automatically – the usual “Where are you?” popup message you see when someone is looking for you gets replaced by this:

autoReply echo flash

This is exceptionally powerful and useful stuff – because instead of the very cool one-click response to sharing your location quickly and privately (with no complicated settings) – there’s one less click..i.e. there are ZERO clicks involved.


Last but not least – the maps are now fully high resolution on high resolution android devices – like this:

maps HD android

Now if you’re paying attention you’ll know that I talked about accuracy in addition to autoReply…yeah – accuracy is coming soon – it’s a 1.7 feature and android is one subversion behind the other platforms. (this is live on Android Market right now btw)

Not for long – the new stuff for android is gonna kick ass…


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