blackberry – new features – version 1.7

ok so we can get a little more specific.
Let’s talk about autoReply a bit more for the BlackBerry.

Here’s what the inbox looks like:

inbox blackberry autoReply

You can turn autoReply on for any of the contacts in your inbox. The very first time you do this you’ll see the descriptive popup below:

autoReply select

The whole idea here is that we want to make autoReply configuration as easy as possible. You can easily turn it on and off – and of course it’s off by default. (the orange star indicates which contacts have autoReply turned on)

This is not a stealth tracking feature – it’s simply a way of making it even easier to respond to your friends’ echoes – because if selected for your particular friend – your device will automatically reply to an incoming echo from that friend.

While you can of course see any newly paired echoes in the inbox – with autoReply you will be additionally notified of any queries even when your phone is responding automatically – the usual “Where are you?” popup message you see when someone is looking for you gets replaced by this:

autoReply echo flash

Now as for accuracy – well first of all let’s look at that inbox again. In the previous image you might have missed a yellow dot in the top right hand corner. Here’s the image again – this time the dot is green:

accuracy notification

This dot is a quick way of seeing how accurate your current location is.

RED = your BlackBerry cannot find its location right now
YELLOW = the accuracy is less accurate than +/- 100 meters (usually this means the BlackBerry is only able to use cellid information)
GREEN = the accuracy is more accurate than +/- 100 meters (usually this means the BlackBerry is using GPS satellites to locate your handset)

Last but not least the way this accuracy manifests itself is as follows – when you map an echo you’ll see something like this:

new maps

Looks familiar enough right? Well…it isn’t quite the same.
When you click on a pushpin you get extra information as follows:

Maps distance

First of all you get the distance to your friend in meters. All you Android and iPhone users out there are familiar with this feature already – but we wanted to include it across the board.
But if you move to the other tab of information you see something like this:

accuracy - maps

So there you have it. Accuracy detection, accuracy on maps, automatic replies…and very much improved stability and speed.

Stay tuned for many cool new features on the BlackBerry we have some tricks up our sleeve. Enjoy this version for now – it’s the best BlackBerry version ever – and it runs on all BlackBerries from v4.2 o/s onwards.

(oh I forgot one more thing – if you receive an echo from someone you don’t know – you can now add their number to your address book directly from the inbox.)

oh…and it’s available now from (on your phone) and BlackBerry App World.


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