iphone – new features – version 1.69…

Why 1.69 – well because autoReply is not quite ready for iPhone public consumption – still a week or two away.

However the stuff we have done is so cool that we thought we’d release it early. It’s all to do with location accuracy – showing it to the user, displaying it on a map etc.

Also – we’re fully 4.0 compliant now – high resolution graphics, fast application switching, background operations (which will be used intelligently but more about that when autoReply is announced.

Check this out:

iphone inbox no minimap

looks like a normal inbox right….well yeah – except for the small icon in the bottom left hand corner. Click on that and you get a minimap:

inbox minimap

This minimap shows you where echoecho thinks you are currently located. It’s a live update – the blue dot is your location and the blue circle is your circle of accuracy. (you can close this by clicking the minimap button again – or by clicking the red cancel sign)

As for the full-map view – having location accuracy means the following

close location accuracy

You can still see the distance to your friend but now you can see how accurate both locations are. As I’ve explained before the accuracy depends on a number of factors – but we felt it was important to openly show this data to our users – in a concise and friendly way.
The above example is of one phone using GPS (the blue dot) and another phone using WiFi positioning (the red dot).

Here’s another example (this time both phones are using WiFi positioning) – they are just in different parts of San Francisco:

maps san fran

This build is should be live shortly on the Apple Appstore – (I will confirm that announcement here)

As it happens if you have not upgraded your iphones to 4.0 O/S (or are using an iphone 2G) you will still get the benefit of the mnimap – but you will not see the accuracy circles on the full size map)

BTW – the Android 1.7 build will pretty much match this kind of functionality – so pretty soon this stuff will be even cooler cross-platform.


3 responses to “iphone – new features – version 1.69…

  1. Just got the app for the iphone looks like a great app just need to tell friends to get it so I can find them 😀

    • hey sharon – cool. all you gotta do to tell your friends is send them an echo as normal…
      we’ll take care of the rest – they will get a text message and all they have to do is click on the link…

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