a little more about autoReply…

I realise that it’s been alluded to in the last few posts but I thought I’d got into a bit more detail about why we think autoReply is really interesting.

First and foremost – all this sleek new functionality aside – basically it’s still good old echoecho one-to-one as normal.

autoReply means that incoming echoes from that person are automatically responded to. You are still notified of that person’s query (and the fact you exchanged locations with them) – but no user input is needed. A number of people (perhaps the first among them being @ori) have asked for this in the past…since while they loved echoecho – they wanted a sort of super-friend category – where the phone would automatically respond with their location – without any clicks required. Of course it needed to be exceptionally easy to turn this on and off…so

As you can imagine we did not add that option without some careful thought. Transparency and ease of use are paramount here:

1. You are under no obligation to use autoReply – if you never turn it on – the functionality is the same as before.
2. There are two ways to select a friend for autoReply

SELECTION – you look at an echo in your inbox and you select autoReply on context menu. (aside: it’s funny how even the iphone with its strict adherence to no context menu in the interface – buckled with the cut/copy/paste functionality) If you are using a phone with touch-only UI – or with what we call hybrid (touch/context) then you’ll have to touch the star symbol to indicate autoReply preference.

nokia context

autoreply android

The first time you do this you will get warned with a popup along these lines:

Your phone will automatically respond to incoming echoes from this friend.
(You can turn this off at anytime by unselecting autoReply for this friend or by deleting the echo)
Are you sure you want to do this?

If you say NO. so be it.
If you say YES then you get a little star to mark your special friend…and from that point on…yeah ok you get the idea.
One click to turn it off (or back on) of course.

Also – it’s important to note that the default position for autoReply is always OFF.

SUGGESTION – perhaps a little less obviously the purpose of autoReply suggestion is nonetheless straightforward – if you reply to an echo from one friend three times in sequence

You get a suggestion popup along these lines:

You have replied to this friend three times in a row.
Would you like to reply automatically from now on?
(You can turn this off at anytime by unselecting autoReply for this friend or by deleting the echo)

Needless to say – you’ll only get this suggestion popup once. Any more than that would be…well…annoying…to say the least.

That’s it.


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