so facebook is finally in the locations game…

not much of a big whoop about what they are doing – though I wouldn’t be surprised if Dennis Crowley is wondering whether he should have taken the acquisition offer while he still could.

Plenty of coverage out there about Facebook Places – I liked this piece by Bill Ray and Mike over at RWW wrote nice summary of one disables Places.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

What the hell does all this mean?

For echoecho – nothing bad that I can see. The general Facebook using public will be made more aware about Location Sharing as a feature…and everybody in the LBS space benefits from this.

For other LBS companies – well Facebook has basically built a check-in service just like Foursquare. Dennis & co. can put up a brave face – but considering that I know plenty of Foursquare users – but not a single one of them is NOT on Facebook…I have a sneaky suspicion Foursquare is gonna die.

And I’m not the only one.

As for the user – well there are huge privacy implications. There always are surrounding location – but these are multiplied tenfold when one consider Facebook as the base platform – since Facebook is notorious for taking steps to make it as easy as humanly possible to NOT BE PRIVATE.
I get why they do it – but it’s a scary strategy – and I don’t think it’s very people friendly.

And I’m not the only one. 😉

Case in point – an RWW article on facebook privacy

I mean look at this;

facebook default

If I choose to use facebook check-ins – by default – my location is broadcast not just to my friends but to the ENTIRE WORLD….This is astounding.

I don’t care how they dress this up “Oh but you have to opt in”, “We want to create new location experiences for our users” etc etc…it’s all total bullshit – facebook wants data and it considers that the users are not smart enough to figure out how to turn off these features.

Facebook knows 90% of the people won’t turn these features off – and it doesn’t care about the 10% who will…

We shall see how the world reacts to this as facebook places is rolled out worldwide…


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