new age adages…

It used to be that

“On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog.”

courtesy of the New Yorker and Peter Steiner but I propose a new version – now that Facebook Places is spreading around the globe.

“On the internet everyone knows the exact location of the last fire hydrant you peed on.”

hmm…maybe that could be shorter – suggestions welcome in the comments…

The point being of course – that the layer of privacy/anonymity that internet communication provided was once deemed sufficiently significant, funny and understandable that it was not only immortalised as a clever cartoon – but it actually managed to pass into popular media vernacular.

And it’s interesting to note that it’s this very same privacy that Facebook is actively seeking to erode.
Unfortunate really – because Facebook’s services would be equally useful to users if they were launched with different privacy settings…but of course they’d be LESS useful to Facebook.

So no surprise there after all…


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