The Register likes echoecho’s privacy ;)

Heads-up and thanks to Bill Ray over at UK tech-blog The Register (always worth it if you want your tech news with a little more attitude and Euro-bite than the US equivalents) – Bill wrote about echoecho here.

“The idea is to provide the important bits of Facebook Places without the rather creepy stalking side of things, but it’s also driven by the requester, and harder to fake than a Facebook tag.”
The Register

Interestingly Bill seems to think that most facebook users “really do want the world to know where they are and damn the privacy consequences” – I’m gonna disagree with that. I would say that definitely there are some who don’t care (especially obsessively sharing techie early adopter facebook users)…but many others don’t KNOW rather than don’t CARE.

That’s a big difference.

As I’ve said before on this blog – oversharing information about your food and film preferences is very very different to sharing your location.

You suddenly make the virtual real.

I think the impact of Facebook Places on social network users attitude to geo-privacy is just beginning to be felt.


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