GigaOm/NYT like echoecho privacy ;)

UPDATE: The below linked GigaOm article also on NYTimes

First Register and now GigaOm…WTF ? Is privacy in location sharing important or something 😉

Mathew Ingram writes a nice roundup about privacy – and echoecho gets a shout-out.

“A startup called echoecho offers a service that allows you to request someone’s location quickly and easily, and they can decide to tell you or not, depending on where they are, what they’re doing, and what relationship you have with them. echoecho founder Nick Bicanic says this makes it easier for people to change their minds on who they want to tell, rather than just constantly broadcasting their location to everyone.”

I like the fact that the article focuses on privacy in general – not just about location sharing…Danah’s points are very much valid (I believe I’ve referred to them more than once on this very blog) and it’s good to see this approach get even more recognition…let’s keep it rolling…


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