android – cool minimap – version 1.7…

After much love on the iPhone version of echoecho (for minimap screenshots on iphone look here) we now present (drum roll)

The minimap on Android phones. Check it:

android inbox no minimap

Looks a bit like a normal inbox. Well…yeah – it is – except when you hit the little button in the bottom right – then you get a cool slide out animation that ends with:

android inbox minimap open

It’s just a guide to remind you where the phone thinks you are – before you send or respond to echoes. Oh and some other cute graphical tweaks to make everything look prettier.

So go get it – live on the Android Market now.

(Note to the studious: – No. Mark. Z was not part of the echoecho latest version beta test – he’s just there because I enjoy using him as an example when lamenting the state of user centered design in today’s social networks ;))

btw: push notifications (or as google calls them – C2DM) being tested right now. coming soon. very sooooon 😉


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