do people upgrade their phone’s software?

I last mentioned Richard Uren’s company Handset Detection way back in January but not only has his service been happily humming along underpinning echoecho but he’s also been quite busy improving various aspects of the service.

His API is very capable (it goes way beyond what we will ever need – but it’s absolutely vital for anybody building a cross platform app or web experience….i.e. for LOTS of people ;))

Anyway I was discussing some stuff with him today and I asked him to run an analysis on Android/Blackberry O/S usage – I was particularly interested in how many people keep their software uptodate.

Two bits of the stats jumped out at me (just to clarify these analyses were informally run by hand on Handset Detection’s own internal database)

As of August – Android 2.2 (Froyo) usage is at 50% of all Android usage. And growing.

That’s amazing – considering that Android 2.2 is barely official on a couple of handsets.

As for Blackberry – that’s also interesting – 52% of devices run 5.x or greater o/s. 48% of devices are on an older operating system (I presume 4.6.x or 4.2.x).

So if you’re a developer and you’re thinking about taking the leap into push notifications (only supported on Android 2.2 and higher and Blackberry 5.0 and higher) then…stop thinking.



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