shake, señora…new iphone build 1.691

This is an incremental bug-fix for iphone.
Some people were reporting instability in their builds – so we took a long look at the code and tidied some stuff up.

Of course – it’s a good a time as any to add in a quick new feature.

A couple of users had asked for a quick way to reset the map view – so they could see both their own and their friend’s location – here it is.

Suppose you’re zoomed into yourself like this:


Just shake the phone – as per the title of the blog post – and…as if by magic 😉


The view resets.
That’s it – lookout for automatic reply on iphone coming very soon.

[btw – for the geekier/geekiest amongst you – there is a bug on iphone o/s 4.1 that we recently discovered. It will not affect you if you simply upgrade echoecho (or any other location based application). However if you uninstall an older version of echoecho (or any other location based application) and then try to install it again from the appstore – the application will fail. The solution…until Apple fixes the bug – is to reboot the phone before reinstalling the app.]


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