echoecho rocks open angel forum…

I’ve just returned from a 2 week whirlwind trip to the UK, most of it focused in London.

I met with a wide variety of investors (angels, VCs etc) – overall the attitude towards echoecho was extremely positive. People dug the slide deck, the vision and the story (and of course the fact we already had a bunch of traction ;p)

I wanted to namecheck Jason Calacanis @jason and his Open Angel Forum (OAF). echoecho was selected to present at the London OAF this past Wednesday – October 6th – and the event went off very smoothly.

The gentlemen’s rules of the Open Angel Forum don’t permit any detailed discussions of the Angels attending or angels presenting – but suffice to say that neither Angels nor companies presenting pay any money to do this. I commend Jason on this kind of approach – he is very outspoken against events where the organisers charge enterpreneurs (who by definition have no money) to attend an event to meet with angels (who by definition are supposed to have money). Yes that irony is not lost on us either.

The setup was definitely high quality (angels must be active investors) – the venue and the burgers were good. @WilHarris was the London organiser of the event – and his logistics worked out splendidly.

As to whether the money raised in this round actually comes from angels that I met at the Open Angel event – well now…that remains to be seen 😉


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