echoecho version 1.9 on android…

OK – so the first post-halloween update of echoecho is on Android. We can’t get enough of how fast and stable push (sorry – C2DM) on Android is – so having talked to our users we decided to make echoecho even easier to use.

This is surprisingly hard to do with an application that already only has one click to perform most tasks – but we’re very happy with the results.

So – without further ado – the new and improved echo flash – this is what you will see when somebody asks you where you are.

Where are you?

Kinda hard to go wrong here?

You click REPLY and your friend gets your location and you get a map.
You click IGNORE and the popup goes away.

Yes it’s that easy to handle privacy, permission and preference in location sharing – and that’s the way it should be.

But there’s more 😉

In the spirit of simplicity we’ve made some subtle changes to wording and icononography in the echoecho inbox.

where are you (inbox)

So when you get an incoming echo from somebody – it’s kinda straightforward to understand what you need to do. So far pretty much the same as before.

Once you’ve replied – there are two options – you can either MAP the paired echo you’ve just created – or you can FIND your friend again.

MAP/FIND in inbox

Subtle change is the label of the button FIND – it used to be called ECHO – even though we all thought that was cool – it confused many users. So we had no choice but to ditch it.

If you actually click the FIND button then you get something like this 😉

resend echo

Yeah – it makes a lot more sense than using the word echo for everything. If you click RESEND it basically re-sends your FIND request.

But there’s more 😉

echoecho is now twice as fast to startup and far more efficient during use. The mapping engine has been completely redone. Autoreplies are faster and have higher accuracy.

And of course lots of little bugs have been identified and fixed.



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