echoecho new iphone build – v1.9

ok. lots of little tweaks here in the new version. New buttons, new vocabulary, simpler, faster, better.

It’s an interesting (but I imagine fairly common) tale of evolution of a utility. We aim to be the simplest and fastest way to find your friends. But no matter how simple we think we’ve made something – there are always ways of improving 😉

In fact sometimes we make something so simple that it all of a sudden becomes obscure. A few of our users have asked for explanation screens describing how easy echoecho is to use – and in the coming weeks we will abide by their wishes.

You see a screwdriver is a very simple tool – however if you’ve never seen a screw you may have no idea what it does. It doesn’t come with a manual. So in the spirit of novice users of echoecho – we are creating a really easy set of explanations of how to use echoecho – stay tuned.

Don’t worry – we won’t irritate the power users. That’s a pet peeve of mine.

In the meantime – here are some screens from the new iphone version of echoecho

iphone echoecho inbox

Notice the new Find Friend button. Makes a lot more sense than just New Echo don’t you think 😉
But we’ve also changed the Resend button. The shortlived Find button (which resided in the same location and did the same thing – was just confusing)

Like many users of frequent apps – we value the few seconds saved with every click. So for example in this new build – if you send somebody an echo – when they respond you can see their location on a map with only one click (as opposed to the two you needed before).

In other words – when you see this push notification:

And you click on View echoecho will come to the foreground and display your friends location on a map like this

new map - echoecho

In just ONE-click.

Good stuff – a 200% speedup – with one minor update.

Just wait to see what happens in a few weeks…


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