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echoecho android – version 1.93/2.93 ;)

well ok – technically it’s 2.93 – but it was meant to be 1.93. However due to a quirk of the android market in not allowing you to go backwards in version number…we ended up upgrading ourselves (by mistake).

So now you have drumroll for version…..2.93

The cool new feature here (along with the assortment of usual stability updates and speedups) is FULL INTEGRATION with the Android addressbook.

This means that you can send an echo to find somebody directly from many places in your phone. It’s the kind of deep integration for echoecho that should/will eventually happen on every handset – but in any case let me show you an example:

contact detail DIVE

It’s that easy. (note that phone numbers and email address have been changed to protect the errm…innocent)

Not all Android contact views look exactly the same (since the manufacturers frequently tweak some settings but every contact will have the ability to directly find that friend (i.e. send them an echo) with one-click.

During your first echoecho startup it takes a little while to configure the contacts (approximately 30 seconds for each 300 contacts you have) – but this process is asynchronous and you can carry on using your phone while this is happening. You’ll see a small notification that looks like this:

contact configuration

This configuration only happens once. When you add/change a number subsequent adjustments are near-instantaneous.

Let’s see – what else. Oh yes..we’ve had to say goodbye to Android 1.x
So you echoecho users out there who are on older Android handsets that cannot be upgraded to 2.1 or higher versions of the O/S – we cannot continue to develop the platform for you. Google’s recent stats estimated the older handsets are less than 15% and decreasing rapidly.

You can still continue to use the older version of echoecho – but you won’t be able to take advantage of any new features.

Oh wait – there’s one more thing. I’m a big fan of this device integration because I believe it should be as easy as possible to say “Where are you?” – the whole premise of echoecho is built around the concept of speeding you up and making impossible tasks not only possible but super-efficient.

With that in mind – check this out – because of the way we implemented contacts integration – any time you click on the icon of a user e.g. in the Contact List view shown here:

contact list

or in the SMS inbox as shown here:

sms inbox

You can find your friend with one-click.

Awesome stuff. Have a nice Christmas break – there should be a new iphone build this side of christmas (assuming iTunes plays ball) – but as for the New Year – LOTS of stuff is coming at end February.

Enjoy and happy echoing 😉


accurate mid-air location sharing ;)

I flew from Los Angeles to Toronto on Virgin America recently and I noticed in flight internet was free – so I decided to try something that as far as I know had never been attempted…namely to exchange a precise location with a friend…using echoecho of course 😉

I had a bunch of phones with me (iphone 3gs, LG WP7, Samsung Galaxy S and Nexus One) – but I chose to use the Nexus One – mostly because with Android I can explicitly differentiate between Network location (wifi and cellid) and GPS.

Initially I turned GPS off and when I checked my location on the echoecho minimap it showed me at LAX airport.


I should mention that at this point I was just over an hour into the flight and at about 30000 feet and travelling at 500mph (ground speed).


Anyway – remember there’s no cellid signal up here – and the reason why the lookup was showing LAX was presumably because google’s databases had the wifi SSID mapped to LAX.

So then I turned GPS on. I sat close to the window. I was about to give up after just over a minute but then….the minimap snapped into position and I had a lock.

So as part of this test I put my phone down – set my friend to autoReply (this is a basic echoecho feature which allows any close friend of yours to remotely query your phone’s location) and I waited.

A few minutes later (yes I know this was a planned test but you get the point) my friend sent an echo from their iphone.
I got notified immediately that my Nexus One replied – and they saw this:


Thassit – so now you can ask and answer the question “where are you?” even if someone is on a plane 😉

By the way – the iphone screenshot above shows the new beta build of echoecho on the iphone – not yet on the appstore (with direct calling and texting from the map)

echoecho version 1.91 on android…

Updates are coming thick and fast on iphone and android in this early holiday season. The latest tweaks on android are a further example of streamlining the application.

The latest map view looks like this:

echo maps


Well that’s easy. Because it’s quicker to use. Why waste a click – to click on the name in order to then click on the CALL button or TEXT button. We decided to put the buttons on the map labels themselves.
This way when somebody sends you an echo – you can call them directly from the map view of echoecho with just one click.

As for other changes – well we got rid of the “Find” button as it was confusing. Most users agreed that “Resend” was much clearer.

echo inbox android

And of course this works just aswell in the context menu – for those of you that prefer them to buttons.

context menu inbox

But that’s not all 😉

For all you Droid X and Nexus One users that prefer their dessert-flavored Android experience with a trackball – we now have orange-lit LED notifications when a new echo message comes in. It looks like this on a Nexus one:

orange LED

That’s it for now – look for a major update soon…