echoecho version 1.91 on android…

Updates are coming thick and fast on iphone and android in this early holiday season. The latest tweaks on android are a further example of streamlining the application.

The latest map view looks like this:

echo maps


Well that’s easy. Because it’s quicker to use. Why waste a click – to click on the name in order to then click on the CALL button or TEXT button. We decided to put the buttons on the map labels themselves.
This way when somebody sends you an echo – you can call them directly from the map view of echoecho with just one click.

As for other changes – well we got rid of the “Find” button as it was confusing. Most users agreed that “Resend” was much clearer.

echo inbox android

And of course this works just aswell in the context menu – for those of you that prefer them to buttons.

context menu inbox

But that’s not all šŸ˜‰

For all you Droid X and Nexus One users that prefer their dessert-flavored Android experience with a trackball – we now have orange-lit LED notifications when a new echo message comes in. It looks like this on a Nexus one:

orange LED

That’s it for now – look for a major update soon…


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