typing on an iphone to launch an app – WTF?

So the other day I was watching a friend testing the new echoecho builds (This is for a late February launch – so we can’t announce it just yet. But we will…soon)

Anyway – he picks up his iphone 4 – unlocks the screen and then immediately goes to the Search box by swiping left and starts typing “echoec…”

the conversation goes like this:

“Why did you do that – don’t you know where the echoecho icon is?”
“Dude have you seen how many applications I’ve installed. This is just faster.”

So off we then go on a 10 minute discussion about mobile UI/UX. Here’s the thing. He’s not lying.
He has over 100 applications installed – stack into a bunch of folders – so it genuinely is faster to type into a spotlight search.

What a sad irony – Apple masterfully re-engineers the swiping homescreen icon grid for iphone and then promptly un-invents it by allowing folder structures.

Yes I know some of you might say – “this is a power user, normal users don’t have this problem” but I’m not sure I buy that.
My experiences watching iphone users suggest that they frequently do NOT delete apps they download even if they don’t use them.

And if they don’t delete them – that means that they behave the same as many people who just dump icons on their computer desktops.

Which brings us back to typing on the iphone to launch an app.

This isn’t really anything to do with echoecho at all – I was just intrigued at how quickly the iphone home screen could turn into a windows start menu if users were not careful.


One response to “typing on an iphone to launch an app – WTF?

  1. From 4.0 pick up a app from multi-task status line is a good solution. thanks to Apple.

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