echoecho version 2.0 official press release – launching on iTunes and Android Market

While echoecho is still a ‘baby’ in the location space, it is already helping over 150,000 users answer the most common question ever asked on mobile phones

Where are you?

Today we officially launched Echoecho 2.0, which adds an exciting, entirely revamped graphical user experience and many new functionalities.

Now, not only can you

  • Find out the location of anyone in your address book – not another social network, thank you
  • Maintain your privacy – Echoecho is a permission-based location sharing app. Anyone can request to see your location, but you maintain full control of who actually sees it.
  • Automatically respond to your closest friends – so you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket

You can also

  • Enjoy a completely new and more intuitive user interface.
    Transparent overlays on a map focused UX, swiping echoes, intuitive zooms, built-in reverse geocoding
  • main map


    partial swipe

  • Find, suggest and confirm meeting places.
    All of this is done via the same cool new interface – with one-click 😉
  • meeting suggest

    meeting accept

echoecho is the perfect ally for any social situations where you’re meeting up with friends or colleagues.

Running late for a dinner?
Left one friend behind at another bar?
Girlfriend late picking you up at the airport?
Trying to coordinate what Starbucks to meet at?

Do all this and more with echoecho – with two clicks.

echoecho 2.0 is available for iPhone and Android users as of March 23rd and will be available on the Symbian and Blackberry platforms in the coming weeks.

(echoecho 2.0 is backwards compatible with all earlier versions of echoecho – but to use the new meeting place features your friends will need to have the latest version installed)


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