NewsGrange likes echoecho ;)

Sorry for the delay in some of these updates – we’ve had a crazy few weeks – new builds getting pushed out on Android and iPhone – a completely BlackBerry UI overhaul has begun (when finished – it will put the BlackBerry app in line with the new UI of iPhone/Android) – but the good news is that people are paying attention.

Tech blogger Frederic Lardinois (post his RWW days) has a new tech blog called NewsGrange.

He wrote a cool write-up about our new UI – he’s a huge fan of simplicity and usefulness (more on usefulness in a future blog entry).

Frederic says:

“Echoecho is one of the most useful location-based apps on the market today. When you hear the word “location-based app,” chances are you are thinking about services like Foursquare and Gowalla. While these can be fun, their utility is rather limited (unless you really feel the need to collect virtual badges). Echoecho, on the other hand, was built from the ground up to solve a simple problem: finding out where your friends are.”

Generally we’re seeing a trend in mobile apps (not just geolocation) away from frivolous apps that allow you to do…welll…pretty much nothing – and towards applications that are designed to solve real problems for real people.

We’re happy to have Frederic on our side 😉


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