a cool testimonial ;)

So we’ve been busy with lots of different things (closing our Seed Financing round, building new features, removing bugs etc etc) but this pair of testimonials recently arrived in our inbox. They brought a smile to our faces so I thought it would be good to share them….

Alice (from London) says:

I set Gavin up with a colleague from work. They met up on Saturday night. I wanted to see if they, er, ‘got along‘. echoecho revealed a success! Gavin was in Clapham (right where my colleague lives) on Sunday morning!

Separately to Gavin, Claire phones me up on Wednesday night, she’s incoherently drunk, no idea where she is, tells me she has puked on herself! I’m worried so i send her an echo. She’s in Shoreditch, down an alley! I send her boyfriend to sort her out. She eventually gets home safe.

Though echoecho was not designed to help you stay informed on your friends’ romantic activites – it’s good to know that both Gavin and Claire (and Alice) were helped out by echoecho


Actually joking aside – being able to FIND your friend even if they have no idea where they themselves are (as was the case with Claire and Alice above) is one thing we’ve very much kept in mind when we designed how easily and quickly users should be able to interact with echoecho.

While this is clearly not the only usage – it is an interesting example of a “where are you” problem that needed solving quickly and easily…


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  1. Awesome!

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