an interesting example of why it’s hard for blackberry to succeed in LBS ;)

I think I blogged about this before – but I’m at the RWW 2way conference today – testing some new stuff on our blackberry build – and check this out…

blackberry vs. iphone

Just to be clear what we are looking at here.
I am indoors at Columbia University.

The RED dot is a BlackBerry Torch. The BLUE dot is an iphone 3Gs. (I am very indoors – i.e. not near a window – neither device has a GPS lock)

The size of the circles is the accuracy (or the so-called circle of confidence)

So the big question is WHY is the BlackBerry Torch 9800’s circle so damn huge?

The answer is deceptively simple.

The BlackBerry cannot see wifi for purposes of location. The iphone can.

It’s not because the BlackBerry wifi is not on – it IS – and in fact the BlackBerry is using the wifi for data connection – it’s just that the BlackBerry cannot use the wifi for location detection – so the huge circle you are seeing is the cellid radio tower data.

It’s kinda sad that the iphone which is over 1 year older than the 9800 Torch – still kicks its ass in indoor location detection. I know there are some complicated java virtual machine reasons as to why this is not possible – but it’s still kind of sad. If you think about it a BlackBerry core strength was (and arguably still is in many places) – the enterprise – and business meetings mostly take place INDOORS 😉


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